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Tarant React

Provide the capabilities to actors to be render using the react framework.


add it to your project using npm install tarant-react --save or yarn add tarant-react


Extend the react actor with a template and the properties to bind to the id of the actor will relate to the html component id

import React from "react";
import { decorator } from "../../utils/decorator"
import { AppActor } from "../AppActor"

export class ReactDecorator extends decorator<AppActor> {
constructor(actor: AppActor) {

render() {
return (<div id="app"><button onClick={( as any).self.addOne}>{}</button></div>)


Initialize the actor system with the provided materializer

import { ActorSystem, ActorSystemConfigurationBuilder } from 'tarant'
import AppActor from './Actor/AppActor';
import { ReactRenderer } from 'tarant-react';

window.onload = () => {
const system = ActorSystem.for(ActorSystemConfigurationBuilder.define()
.withMaterializer(new reactRenderer())