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Tarant Local Storage

Usually complex applications need to store offline part of the state, so it can be synced back or reused later. This module lets tarant store your actors serialized in the local storage and recovered implicitly.


Add it to your project using npm install tarant-local-storage --save or yarn add tarant-local-storage


You need to mark which classes need to be exported first. Usually this is done with the LocalStoragePersisted
class decorator.

import { Actor } from "tarant";
import { LocalStoragePersisted } from "tarant-local-storage";

export default class MyPersistedActor extends Actor {
LocalStoragePersisted("MyPersistedActor", MyPersistedActor) // NameOfThePersistedClass (unique), Class constructor

And then add the repository as a materializer and as a resolver:

import { ActorSystem, ActorSystemConfigurationBuilder } from 'tarant'
import MyPersistedActor from './actor';
import { LocalStoragePersisted, LocalStorageRepository } from 'tarant-local-storage';

window.onload = () => {
const repository = new LocalStorageRepository()

const system = ActorSystem.for(ActorSystemConfigurationBuilder.define()

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