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Create A Function Actor

Sometimes creating a whole actor is not needed because the problem to solve is relatively simple and a set of functions is enough. Tarant contemplates this scenario allowing the developer to write function actors, that benefit from some of the properties of actors, but are simpler.

  • They are asynchronous and non-blocking
  • They can be composed
  • They partially benefit from materializers

However, there are some drawbacks compared to normal actors:

  • They can not subscribe to topics
  • They are stateless, so some materializers won't work
  • They must return promises or nothing at all (like callbacks)

To create an actor function, [you need a running actor system](/docs/how tos/how-to-create-an-actor-system):

const system = ActorSystem.default()

And then wrap the function calling the functionFor method in the system:

const sumActor = system.functionFor(async (a, b) => a + b)

And you can call it as a normal async function:

const result = await sumActor(5, 15)