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· 2 min read

Private Beta is ready!

We are happy to announce that, after a long and huge effort the tarant cloud private beta is ready. We, the maintainers of tarant, believe that software architecture and design can be simpler and more effective, and we mentioned a few caveats of the current status quo.

This private beta is a way to gather feedback on how infrastructure should look like, and a way collaborate with the community on how to make things worth the effort. We want an open approach to design the platform, as the tarant cloud should be a townhall and marketplace of developers willing to share their knowledge, ideas, and tools and get benefit from that.

What does the private Beta offer?

The private beta offer free infrastructure to deploy in production your tarant applications. You will be using the tarant library and the txc CLI to deploy your application.

How much does the private Beta cost?

The private beta is completely free. No payment method required.

How do I join the private Beta?

You can click in the following button:

That will pop up a form with basic information so we can contact you to give you access to the beta. The information we need is:

  • Your name, so we know how to call you. We don't need any official name, it can be any name you identify with.
  • Your email, so we know where to contact you. The email will be used only for information about the beta, and nothing else.
  • Company you work for. This information is helpful for us so we know how companies are using tarant and how they would like to use the cloud.

You can add any additional comments and requests and we will read them. If you are interested how the beta works, feel free to take a look at our tutorial on how to deploy your first cloud application.